Friday “In Conclusion” – July 4th, 2014

A look back at this week, and a look forward at this weekend . . . On Monday we looked how the Science Fiction of Star Trek is becoming the Science Fact of tomorrow, and we invited you to tell us more about yourselves by joining our new Facebook group for The Pandora Society . . . be […]

Gold Dog Poop

A couple of days ago I was recounting a story from the summer of 1999 which left my friend in hysterics; she then encouraged me to write this up in narrative form . . . so here I am starting off my occasional anecdotes which shall be known as Memoirs of a Fox, and what […]

Call for Pandora Writers

Ladies and Gentlemen, as this site grows so does its demand for more articles and a greater variety of voices, therefore we invite you to write for us. Our articles currently focus mostly on Steampunk and Neo-Victorian topics, but we also like to cover all topics that might be considered Geek Chic. We are interested in […]

Let’s Get Further Acquainted

In an effort to further get acquainted with our audience and attendees, we invite you to join our new Pandora Society Facebook Group for strange and wonderful people. Not only will we be posting most of our updates there, but we also encourage you to share details of the projects that you are working on. […]

Friday “In Conclusion” – June 27th

  Starting this week we present a weekly feature to review the highlights of this week’s articles and offer a few suggestions for what you might wish to do with your weekend. This month’s Costume Contest continues to pull in the votes, and this week saw a change in the top three contestants. The final […]

Getting to Know You Better.

On October 15th, 2008 five people meet and form the League of Cincinnati Steampunks. July of 2009, Aloysius Fox meets Travis Fessler of the Pickled Brothers Circus, and less than a year later they form Queen City Cabaret and stage their first vaudeville show in May 2010. Several shows later the cabaret begins to evolve […]

New Items in the Pandora Society Store

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Age of Steam and aether exploration is a dangerous place, which is why we offer you these opportunities to defend yourself in style. The following items have been added to the Pandora Society Store. Designed by Sir Anthony Stark Esquire, this rifle was the basis for the popular Mercurian Gator Rifle. […]

Win Symposium Pins!

Want to win a set of the 2014 Steampunk Empire Symposium pins? Simply use your email to “Join the Pandora Society” (that box there on the right) and you will be entered into a drawing to win the pins. On Saturday, June 7th we will draw at random from our list of email subscribers and […]

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