An English Fox Reads the Phone Book

Some of you who have met me will agree with the notion that I have a nice voice . . . a mellifluous British accent that has a smoothing cadence. I’ve done a lot of public speaking, some voice acting, and many years ago I was an on-air DJ for the once glorious Cincinnati radio […]

A VERY Steampunk Weekend

This weekend is a VERY Steampunk weekend, especially in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, and we have other events happening in Virginia, Indiana, and Iowa this Saturday and Sunday.

The Pandora Society at the Cincinnati Comic Expo

This weekend is the sixth annual Cincinnati Comic Expo, and The Pandora Society will be there to promote all the amazing things we are up to . . . and I, Aloysius Fox, will be doing something extra special at the Expo . . .

Time Travelers’ Weekend at the Ohio Renaissance Festival

This weekend will witness a first in the history of the Ohio Renaissance Festival . . . an official weekend for all the Steampunks, Doctors, and other intergalactic space and time travelers who converge on reign of Queen Elizabeth I in Waynesville, Ohio.

Cincinnati Maker Faire Report

Last weekend marked the occasion of the third annual Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. Described as “the regions largest show-and-tell” it was hosted by the Cincinnati Museum Center, which probably one of the the largest in sheer space occupied, of any Maker Faire in the country. Mini Maker Faires are a growing phenomena across the globe. The “mini” […]

Steam-Powered Belly Dance

The League of Cincinnati Steampunks will be in attendance for Leapin’ Lizard’s end of summer party where a collision of genres will create some steam-powered magic!

Gishwhes 2015: Death to Normalcy!

  Every year, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the Would Has Ever Seen (Gishwhes, not in all caps, not with periods between letters, because they say so, at least for this year) invades the lives of thousands of people.  For one week, they find time to accomplish things touching, silly, bizarre, challenging and moderately embarrassing, […]

Ohio Ren Fair Officially Welcomes Time Travelers

While we might have to wait for November 14th for the fifth annual Time Travelers’ Ball, we don’t have to wait for time travel. Or, rather, we don’t have to wait very long.

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