Get in the Mood for Halloween with “The Scottish Play”

Summer is ending. The kids are heading back to school, even though it’s still hot as Hades, and the first costumes just appeared in the stores. While the Pandora Society is already revving up for our Halloween Masquerade, we understand that it’s difficult to imagine the chills and thrills of October while the community pools […]

Motor City Steam Con

Steampunk in Detroit has had its ups and downs over the last six years. Starting in 2010 the massive World Steam Expo brought thousands of Steampunks to the area, but then in its third year the show collapsed for a variety of reasons. The following year saw Up in the Aether – The Convention pick up […]

Cincinnati Pride Week

It’s Pride week in Cincinnati, and although we will have to wait for the festival and parade until Saturday, June 25th, there are plenty of events going on around town during the rest of the week.

Time Traveling and the Way of the Turkey Leg: Regional Ren Fests

Summer brings with it the return of everyone’s favorite, nerdy, weekend escape: the Renaissance festival. Although you likely have your local favorite – as well you should – festival season gets rolling before the summer solstice and keeps going well into the fall. There are plenty of weekends to support the locals and venture to […]

Epic Nerd Camp?!

It’s the summer camp you could only dream of as a kid – and now you can go as an adult! It’s the best of the magical worlds you’ve dreamed of and the magic that goes into making those worlds.

The Pickled Brothers are Going to be WHERE?!

Once Spring rolls around, the busy season descends on the Pickled Brothers Circus. This year, the “brothers” will be working separate shows for much of the year. Erik’s schedule as a climbing guide with Kentucky Rock & Adventure Guides is taking up a lot of his time. So Travis and Susan will be stepping up and adding […]

Unique Convention and Festival Accommodations

As springtime blooms in North America, conventions and festivals (especially outdoor festivals) start to appear in the calendar. Travel is certainly a consideration when planning what events to attend, as is finding a place to stay when you arrive. Many attendees plan to stay at the hotel associated with the convention centers, but there are more whimsical (and less expensive choices) available if one takes the initiative to search. One such inexpensive accommodation is available in downtown Chicago: Vincent Van Gogh’s Bedroom.

Chesterfield Comic-Con After Action Report

This past weekend a few members of the Richmond Steampunk Society joined with members of the Steampunk Alliance of Eastern Virginia to promote our groups at the small but exciting Chesterfield Comic-Con. We were given three tables in the small Makers section of the convention. We shared the area with a demonstration of the library […]

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