Cincinnati Steampunks on Channel 12 News

  Today, to celebrate our independence from mundane fashions and mainstream culture, members of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks marched in the Northside July 4th Parade; the parade is a highly eclectic and totally eccentric event that reflects the tone and flavor of this neighborhood. Amongst all the brightly and oddly dressed parade participants, our devoted […]

The Steampunks are Coming! The Steampunks are Coming!

I was once asked if the British “had fourth of July?” To which I replied, “Of course, it follows the third of July and proceeds the fifth.” Occasionally some American likes to tease me about the American Revolution and how “We kicked your butts,” but in all honesty Britain is pretty unified in not caring, […]

Steampunks at the Kentucky Renaissance Fair – Day One

We present to you several pictures taken by Richard Carneval of the Traveling Revelers to show you some of what you missed if you could not make it to the Steampunk Weekend yesterday. Fortunately, we have a whole new day of Steampunk in the Middle Ages today with pretty much the same schedule. Full summary of the […]

Kentucky Ren Fair Steampunk Weekend Details

Ladies & Gentlemen, today is day one of the third annual Steampunk Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Festival presented by the Pandora Society. The weekend runs both June 21st and 22nd this year, and we’ve added a few things this time around . . . Gates open at 10AM, which gives you plenty of time to […]

Steampunk Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Fair

In just over a week’s time, many Steampunks and Anachronauts from various Midwest states will be setting their time machines for the weekend of June 21st and 22nd (year yet to be exactly determined) and traveling back to the time of kings, queens, knights, fairies, trolls, and such for the third annual Steampunk Weekend at […]

Indy Pop Con

Only back in March 2014 Indianapolis saw the debut of the Indianapolis Comic Con, and now this weekend the city witnessed the birth of another . . . Indy Pop Con, and The Pandora Society was there to be a part of the fun. In the early hours of Friday, May 30th, Mrs. Emma Peelout […]

The Olde Yellow Cabaret – May 24th

When: Saturday, May 24th, 2014 – 6PM to 2AM Where: The “Old” Yellow Cab Building, 700 East 4th Street, Dayton, OH 45402 Why: Because Dayton needs another fun evening of art, music and mayhem! What: An event featuring many types of art!   Bands: Curse of Cassandra – Automaton – Blue Heron Trio Fire Dancing: […]

The Privateer’s Promenade – May 17th – Columbus, OH

Tomorrow night sees our good friends and allies of the Airship Archon host the Second Annual Privateer’s Promenade at the Ace of Cups in Columbus, Ohio. This year’s Promenade features Comedy and Magic by the astounding Erik Tait, a fire show by Lindsay Nova, and a fantastic burlesque act presented by the Ooh La La’s! In between […]

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