Paul McGann and the Pandorica!

Back in 2011, Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor, was a guest at DragonCon where during his panel he read the very popular “Hello Stonehenge” speech from the Matt Smith episode “The Pandorica Opens.” OnĀ September 21, 2014 at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, The Pandora Society thought that it would be fun to challenge Paul McGann to […]

Cincinnati Comic Expo Report

The Pandora Society and thousands upon thousands of people “released their inner geek” this weekend at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. This week we shall be unfolding our reports of this great experience and The Pandora Society’s role in events, and to get us started here are some awesome pictures taken by Guy Dillon. See the […]

Cincinnati Comic Expo Online Schedule

For a complete listing of the Cincinnati Comic Expo schedule that you can read on your mobile device, just click on the logo . . . šŸ™‚

A Very Steampunk Weekend in Ohio

If you are in southern or central Ohio this weekend we have a lot of Steampunkery fun lined up for you! This evening (September 12th, 2014) Airship Passepartout of Dayton, Ohio is hosting its EIGHTH bi-annualĀ Steampunk Stroll. As per tradition we shall be taking a Steampunk Stroll during Dayton’s Urban Nights.Ā Please meet at the Barrel […]

DragonCon – Friday

Friday . . . the crowd definitely grew bigger. Shoulder room only in some places. Waited in a line to see Sir Patrick Stewart . . . a line that stretched around the Marriott hotel and literally went around the block and back on itself! After an hour of waiting we were told that the […]

DragonCon – Thursday Pictures

Various core members of the Pandora Society are in full force at DragonCon this year, and we’ll try to bring you a slice of the World’s greatest costume convention each day . . . Tomorrow we’ll see just how crowded it gets when Friday rolls into Atlanta . . .

The Pandora Society at GenCon

This weekend I shall be in Indianapolis working with the wonderful people of Sylvan Creations jewelry at the huge gaming convention known as . . . GENCON! Sylvan Creations specializes in historical and fantasy jewelry with a focus on the whimsy of Steampunk designs as well as a large selection of Celtic and other ancient […]

This Weekend – The Olde Yellow Cabaret!

If you are anywhere near Dayton, Ohio this weekend then we have the perfect night out for you! Learn more at and RSVP to the Facebook Event Page.

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