Animusic: Music, Magic, and Machines

There is a Youtuber called Animusic who makes the most wonderful, fantastical videos of automated, animated, self-playing impossible instruments. Or are they really impossible? Let’s take the “Resonant Chamber” as an example. The instrument itself can probably be built. There doesn’t appear to be any physical limitations in creating a guitar-harp hybrid so complicated no […]

Interview with Terry Huud: “1873: The Insidious Intrigue,” A Composer’s Insight

Words and music. One begins where the other ends. Or so it’s said. But what about film scores? Words and music go together, interweaving to make a single impression. And silent films – well, the music can’t begin where the words end, because there is no dialogue at all. Each project presents a unique challenge, […]

Geek Collections: Movie Story Recordings

Continuing with my tendency to write from the way back machine, I’m here to remind you older folks about something you may have forgotten about, or to marvel the kiddos with something they could never imagine. Back before they had the internet, movie marketing was hard, and with the rise of the blockbuster movie came […]

Victor Sierra – the Music of Warriors, Gamers, Starships, Airships, & Valkyrie

Mighty warriors gather, prepared for a great conflict, wearing armor and bearing weaponry that spans cultures and millennia. A dark storm brews overhead with rumblings of thunder and flashes of lightning. The warriors are pumped full of adrenaline, fully knowing their death may be moments away yet caught up in the glory of battle and […]

The Ford Theatre Reunion: Saints and Monsters

Listening to The Ford Theatre Reunion conjures such images as a house on fire and a flock of mad raving priests hailing an Elder God. They are the bedtime stories your grandmother told from the old country and a wild west town with no laws whatsoever. The Ford Theatre Reunion lurks in the dark recesses […]

Paul McCartney’s Adventures in Steampunk?

As many of you will know, the term Steampunk is a play on the term Cyberpunk which was coined 30 years in 1984, and in that same year Beatle’s member Paul McCartney released the movie Give My Regards to Broad Street which although not getting much in the way of critical acclaim or box office success, does have a […]

Another Top Five List of Steampunk Music Videos

Last week we revealed a Top Five list of steampunk music videos as voted by active members of The Pandora Society Facebook Group, and promoted it via several social media venues and groups. Generally, the list was very well received, but unsurprisingly there were many who were disappointed that certain bands and performers did not […]

Top Five Steampunk Music Videos

Inspired by our recent series of music video reviews, active members of The Pandora Society Facebook Group were polled to nominate and vote for their favorite Steampunk music videos and here are the results.   Number Five – “Brass Goggles” by Steam Powered Giraffe From their debut album, titled Album One, released in 2009 comes the track “Brass […]

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