Three More Music Videos that Celebrate Science (fiction)

All geeks really want out of life is to convert the world to their fandom, so it’s always rewarding to see things we’re passionate about creeping into popular culture. Science fiction is slowly becoming more mainstream, and accompanying it is a new celebration of science. A few months back I posted three music videos that […]

The Music of the Klingon Empire

il Troubadore, known on the planet Qo’noS as bomwI’pu’ has been performing tlhIngan QoQ (Klingon music) live since 2009. il Troubadore’s mission is to record and perform all existing songs in the complete musical oeuvre of the Klingon Empire. Everything from the grand ghe’naQ nIt to the vernacularmay’ bom and HIvje’ bom will be able to be heard and appreciated by Terran audiences throughout the planet […]

Vourteque and Debut Album ‘The Iron & Jazz Age’ – Interview

Vourteque has been one of most prominent electro-swing DJ’s in the Midwest since 2008, known for producing and playing conventions, circus-punk and vaudevillian shows all the way from Los Angeles to New York. He’s performed with numerous similarly prominent performers such as Frenchy & The Punk, Unwoman and he’s one of the founders of the award-winning Rouge!, Chicago’s only electro-swing night – if […]

Three Must-See Music Videos that Celebrate the Future

How do you pin-point the moment when something moves out of the realm of social outcasts and closet loves, and into the light of general acceptance, and ‘even the gas station clerk knows what that is’? One pretty clear indicator is when it makes its way into pop music. Here are three music videos that […]

An Interview with Ghost Busting Gamers, Grant Wilson and Mike Richie

Grant Wilson is best known as one of the co-founders The Atlantic Paranormal Society from which sprang the shows Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Ghost Hunters Academy.  In recent years Grant and his childhood friend, Michael Richie joined forces to form a gaming company, Rather Dashing Games.  These industrious gentlemen now have published five […]

The New Golden Age of Piracy: An Interview with Alestorm

Since the dawn of the early 2000s a great and terrible thing was born out of Perth, Scotland. Cresting the tide of the success of the Pirates of Caribbean franchise, a brazenly boisterous band of brigands, purveyors of pure pirate power, and fine folk metal came to call themselves ALESTORM.  From the depths rose a […]

Symposium Entertainment – Frenchy & the Punk

As was revealed by our poster exposure, Frenchy and the Punk will be headlining the entertainment line up for this year’s International Steampunk Symposium which takes a different path from the usual line up of bands you would expect at a steampunk convention. Not surprisingly, Frenchy and the Punk will be representing France as Samantha Stephenson […]

Delain: Breaking Musical Norms

What does Steampunk have in common with Goth subculture? The symphonic metal artist Delain. This Dutch band was formed by former Within Temptation keyboardist Martjin Westerholt, with the vocals of Charlotte Wessels. While most artists sing about love, breakups, love, betrayal, love, relationships, and love, Delain sings about acceptance, environment, and social tolerance. The band […]

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