Queen Astarte’s Battle for the Skies AKA “Special”

“In the year 3030, Queen Astarte has taken to the skies to defend her once peaceful homeland from the evil lords of Garbania, who seek to rule the universe. She has but one last chance to thwart their wicked plan . . . “ . . . reads the opening scroll to the music video […]

Mad Max BEFORE Thunderdome

This summer was truly the renaissance of Mad Max with Fury Road, breathing new life into a character that first hit the big screen in 1979 with Mad Max. With Mel Gibson behind the wheel there were two sequels in the 80’s, The Road Warrior (1982) and Max Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985), but the year before Thunderdome there was a million […]

The Queen of the Metropolis

In January of 1984, British rock band Queen released the first single off of their latest album The Works; the song took the British charts by storm, but peaked at number two . . . that song was “Radio Gaga”!

The Art Deco of “Flash Gordon”

There is a cultural phenomenon that affects many people above the age of 30, and especially those over 40, that when they hear the slow thudding rhythm of certain electric bass string . . . dum, dum, dum, dum, dum . . . that have no control over the imminent outburst of “FLASH! Ahhh-ahhhh!” Yes! We’re talking […]

“Hanging Out With Halo Jones”

Halo Jones first appeared in July 1984 in pages of the weekly British comic 2000 AD which is best known for its character Judge Dredd. Jones was created by Alan Moore (writer of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V is for Vendetta, and many other classic titles) to be a break from the typical “guns, guys and gore” of comic […]

Before “Tron” There Was “Breaking Glass”

At first glance Hazel O’Connor’s costume from the film Breaking Glass looks utterly inspired by the outfits worn in Tron, but Breaking Glass proceeds it by two whole years! Today we look at the song “Eighth Day” from the film’s soundtrack and the distinctly cyberpunk imagery it employs.

The Emotional Pain of the Empathic Alien

In 1984 a science fiction music video by British singer Nik Kershaw received heavy rotation on MTV, but despite the great visuals the song only reached No. 46 in the US charts. In Britain the single peaked at number four in the charts, and in Germany and Ireland the song got as far as number two. The […]

Disco Robot Sex with Dee D. Jackson

Until Star Wars came along in 1977, the future of space travel was still shiny and silver, and Space Disco of that era is the last stand of this bright vision of the future before things became jaded and dark in the 1980’s. Last week we looked at SpAce and listened to their outer space disco […]

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