Midsummer Masquerade – Curse of Cassandra

On July 18th, 2015 the band Curse of Cassandra are going to rock out the Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade with their oneiric dance beats that mixed with haunting vocals create trance-like states of euphoria. Curse of Cassandra is an electro-witch-dance duo from Columbus, Ohio consisting of Electra Complex on vocals and Asher Black on keyboards and vocals. […]

Midsummer Masquerade – July 16th, 2011

The very first Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade happened in 2010 with the Masked Cabaret, and before the night was over people were already looking forward to next year’s masquerade. The second masquerade was held on July 16th, 2011, and that was the year that the show went from being known as The Masked Cabaret to the […]

Midsummer Masquerade 2013

Today we take a look back two years and revisit our summary of the 2013 Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade . . .   Saturday night saw the fourth annual Midsummer Masquerade spread its wonder and mystery upon the grounds of Loveland Castle as over two hundred masked revelers partied into the night. The clouds smiled upon […]

The Midsummer Masquerade’s New Home!

After all the suspense of whether or not there would be a Midsummer Masquerade this year, we are thrilled to say not only will there be a Masquerade, but it shall be bigger and more beautiful than ever in its new location . . . the Moonlite Gardens! The Moonlite Gardens, built in 1920’s, has […]

Chateau Laroche AKA the Loveland Castle

If you’ve been to a Midsummer Masquerade, then you are familiar with Chateau Laroche, better known as Loveland Castle. Nestled along the Little Miami River in Symmes Township, Ohio (yes, the castle is technically not in Loveland!), it makes for a great backdrop for events with a fantasy flair. But there are things that you […]

Midsummer Masquerade – Last Chance for Feedback

If you were at the fifth annual Midsummer Masquerade on July 19th, today is your last opportunity to fill out our survey and give us feed back on how to make the 2015 Midsummer Masquerade even better. If you need some reminders about what happened that night, check out our summary of the night HERE. Loading…

Midsummer Masquerade Report & Survey

This weekend, and close to three hundred attendees, saw the fifth annual Midsummer Masquerade light up the night with masks, magic, and mirth at Loveland Castle in Cincinnati. The gates opened at 8PM, and half an later Syrin Harte began the entertainment with a dance number in the castle courtyard. The attention then moved to […]

Midsummer Masquerade Performance Schedule

Ladies & Gentlemen! We present to you the 2014 Midsummer Masquerade Performance & Events Schedule. Saturday, July 19th, 2014 8:00PM – Parking Lot – Gates Open 8:20PM – Castle Courtyard – Syrin Harte 8:40PM – Garden Stage – Robbin’ Marks Magic 9:00PM – Castle Courtyard – Gandersnitch the Goblin 9:20PM – Castle Courtyard – Zahara’s Tangle Web 10:00PM […]

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