ElfQuest: My Earliest Obsession.

I was an Army brat. Consequently my Momma spent a chunk of time off doing Army stuff, and every time she came home she brought me a souvenir from whatever exotic place she happened to be at. An Eskimo doll from Alaska, a pretty parasol from Korea, candy from Germany. Well, this one time she […]

Does Anyone Remember “Ark II”?

Nostalgia has an increasingly powerful effect on a person’s ability to judge the entertainment value of various media types.  It seems the older a person becomes the more this fact becomes clear. Having just celebrated another birthday, I am even more aware of the effect nostalgia has on my choice of electronic entertaiment, be it […]

The Mysterious Cities of Gold

One of my favorite cartoon memories from my early teen years was The Mysterious Cities of Gold. It was a joint French-Japanese production, originally aired on NHK in Japan in 1982, then ported to France in 1983. It didn’t take long for it to be re-dubbed for the English and other markets though and it […]

Favorite Board Games

I’ve played a lot of games in my life. Not as much as many other people I’ve known, but enough. Whether it was role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, card games like Rummy or Poker, action games like Airsoft or NERF war, Live Action Role Playing games like Vampire the masquerade, or miniature tabletop […]

Women of Awesomeness: Kitty Pryde

Imagine if you will a young girl of ten, mousy with brown hair and eyes reading comic books in the family room of a simple three bedroom home in Texas. Normally she would be in school, but it’s Rosh Hashanah and her parents took her to services earlier in the day. She is the only […]

So What is this “Boxing Day”?

Nostalgia will always paint a brighter picture of times past, so of course Christmases from my childhood and early adulthood spent in Britain will seem better, but there is something that definitely makes the Holiday season in Britain, and other Commonwealth countries, better than my Christmas experiences in the United States, and that is Boxing […]

Geek Collections: Movie Story Recordings

Continuing with my tendency to write from the way back machine, I’m here to remind you older folks about something you may have forgotten about, or to marvel the kiddos with something they could never imagine. Back before they had the internet, movie marketing was hard, and with the rise of the blockbuster movie came […]

Nostalgia Effect – Night of the Comet

When I was a teenager, I used to stay summers with my father in the middle of Iowa. Literally in the middle of Iowa, which could be referred to as nowhere. We spent many a night renting movies from local mom and pop movie rental places, and copying them from VHS to Betamax tapes (Shhh). […]

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