According to their website, Datamancer sells “modern heirlooms.” According to client reviews, they sell “functional art.” Neither description could be more accurate, but neither fully encapsulates the creations developed by this inspired company. When Richard R. Nagy, who past away last November, first turned his various skills as a craftsman, techie, and antique restorer to […]

How to Make an Aether Lamp on a Budget

Fun, easy, and – most importantly – shiny. Aether lamps look awesome at home, as part of a cosplay, or even as desk swag.They are also easy to make. Here’s how to capture a little aether of your own. Supplies: Mason jar – Preferably textured (diamond-cut), in any size you desire, though smaller jars are […]

Maker Profile – Gunny

Today we feature a maker from Orient, Ohio, USA known as Gunny (aka Holly L. Sampson).  When and how did you first become a Maker? I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. My mother is a tinkerer and artist (I truly envy her workshop, she has EVERYTHING) and after my father retired from the […]

Flo Svensson

Steampunk is a genre built on a mash-up. Makers have to dream of the past as they envision the future, and while the results have a distinctive flavor, the genre itself is incredibly hard to describe to newcomers. One of the ways Steampunk is most recognized, however, is when someone inventive decides to ‘Steampunk’ a […]

Calling All Makers! Tell Us Your Story!

A new weekly article that is in the works is a special feature on all the various makers and tinkers of the Steampunk Community and associated groups. We would like to share your work with the Pandora Society audience and learn from your tips and accounts of how you made and modified your mad scientist […]

Monster Kookies

Kimberly Hart – The Mad Scientist of Polymer Clay – is one of those artistic success stories that deserves every hard working Cinderella fairytale cliché in the book. Only she had a gob of clay, not a pumpkin. And with that clay she builds everything from “Industrialized Creatures,” to Hollywood-worthy “specimens,” to cupcakes that eat […]

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