T-Rex Tuesdays

Everyone loves dinosaurs. Asking someone about their favorite dinosaur is right up there with asking for a favorite color or season. Triceratops, raptor, stegosaurus, or tyrannosaurus rex – we all have our favorites. And we can never get enough of them. While humans have been busy resurrecting the prehistoric beasts in books, film, and television […]

Arsenal Best Interview

Steampunk: a world where a Gatling gun takes on the shape of a frog and treks in space take a step back in time. Always a surprise, Arsenal Best’s work covers a whimsical range of subjects and styles, but always comes back to the same thematic core. Craftsmanship and innovation set Arsenal’s work apart. We […]

Maker Interview: Sierra

Artists come in all shapes and sizes – as does the art they create. Meet Sierra, who builds her art from the inside out. Plushies, traditional art, digital illustration, and three dimensional models all emerge from her work space, filling out her portfolio or finding new homes via Etsy. What was your artistic gateway drug, […]

Steampunk Sculptors Creating Art Through Recycling

Using recycled materials in art is not a new concept, but steampunk sculptors seem to be discovering innovative means of harnessing the abundant source of raw materials provided by the current culture’s disposable lifestyle. As steampunk sculptor Aaron Ristau explains, “products are obsolete within an ever decreasing amount of time, putting an increasing strain on our ability to deal with man-made waste” (qtd. in Von Slatt, 2009). The range of art being created is a testament to the creativity of artists who make use of “stuff” that had had a life already—a life that is often far removed from art.

Hearing Aid Fashion

Geek culture is a strange thing, where people take pride in what sets them apart. We wear our hearts – and our fandoms – on our sleeve. Often literally. The stories and themes we prize teach us how to slay dragons, overcome evil empires, and be ourselves. It should come as no surprise, then, that […]

Calling All Artists!

We’re excited to announce that The Pandora Society will soon launch a regular steampunk serial by KT Sebastian. The story features sweeping grandeur and clever details, diverse characters and rollicking adventures. It is, essentially, begging for illustrations. We are currently seeking artists of all styles to design cover art for the serial’s individual chapters. For […]

ReVatu, Ode to a Legend, and The Black Pearl

While there may be many custom bike shops in the world, few live up to the legacy ReVatu Customs is building for itself. Based in the Netherlands, ReVatu Customs has featured bikes at competitions and conventions across Europe and enjoyed international attention. Their work ranges from fast to so-cool-looking-we-don’t-care-about-top-speeds-anymore. All ReVatu’s builds come from scratch, […]

Steampunk Crowdfunding April Roundup

Ever since I launched my own Kickstarter campaign for Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London in April 2014 I have been keeping tabs on all the cool Steampunk projects on that site. These intrepid makers are looking for a little nudge from folks like you to make their dreams a reality. Here’s what’s on […]

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