This Week in History – May 23rd to May 29th

This week the Time Traveling Adventures of the Pandora Society is set to an accordion soundtrack in which we battle pro-slavery forces, catch the opening of the latest Gilbert and Sullivan opera, and purchase a copy of the new novel Dracula. Then it’s time to join the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean, followed by the opening of the Golden […]

This Week in History – May 16th to 22nd

This week we set the time machine to liberate freedom of speech after the First World War, to win the first ever Kentucky Derby, to mourn over a thousand dead at the celebration of Tsar Nicholas II, to release writer Oscar Wilde from jail, to watch movies with Edison, to fight “The Man” in Paris, and to […]

The First Airship to Cross the North Pole

On May 12th, 1926 a cylindrical shadow crept over the face of the Arctic toward the destination of many failed adventures, the North Pole. In the cold sky above the Pole was a semi-rigid Italian-built airship, the Norge.

This Week in History: May 9th to 15th

Bright comets in the night sky, cowboys, famous artworks, wars of American nations, airship rides across the North Pole, bloody massacres, and the rights of children . . . plenty of material for a fabulous Steampunk novel, and also this week in history. On May 9th, 1887, Buffalo Bill Cody‘s Wild West Show opened in London […]

Medicine Macabre – Surgery Floor Scrapings Vol. 1

In my research and readings, I often come across little tidbits of medical information and history, too juicy to leave alone and yet not substantial enough to merit an entire article. I decided to collect some of my favourites together for you into one handy to read collection. Enjoy! Like myself, you probably enjoy music, and […]

This Week in History – May 2nd to May 8th

Many members of the Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and other retro-futuristic communities like to play with history and ask “what if?” The past is a playground for the imagination to twist the “facts” and ponder what might have been. So what can you make of this week’s saunter back through time to the events that were happening this […]

Music Hall: Cincinnati’s Corpse-Ridden Not-So-Secret

The Pandora Society’s very own Cincinnati has been in the news a lot lately, and while very few locals are especially surprised by reports of human remains uncovered during renovation of a local landmark, it does offer a marvelous opportunity to go spelunking into one of the city’s most macabre treasures: the history of Music […]

The Not-So-Dreadful Penny

Whenever I travel I make sure to tuck several bright, shiny pennies into my handbag. Not because I want to spend them; after all, what can a person purchase for a penny in the current economy?* I carry them because I want to pay 50 times their worth to have them stretched by machines until the coins are almost unrecognizable as U.S. currency; And if unusual images and messages can be compressed onto their surface, so much the better.

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