Vendor Application – Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade

Cincinnati’s best Halloween Masquerade has arrived, and part of what will make the show so colorful will be the eclectic array of vendors . . . and we are looking for people to sell their strange and beautiful wares at the inaugural Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade.

Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade – LOVECRUSH 88

Imagine The Cult, Led Zeppelin, and BLONDIE in a knife fight . . . . . . that’s the sound of LOVECRUSH88, and we are thrilled to have them join us for the first annual Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade!

Plan for This Year’s Events

With a new year comes new adventures, and we want to help you enjoy as many as you can with as little stress as possible. While many ill-prepared adventurers may have gone on quests without their pocket handkerchiefs, there is no reason you must lose sleep and stomach lining. So here’s an overview of The […]

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