Guardians Full Length Trailer

After the tantalizing sneak peak of Guardians from last year, the internet has been eager to learn more about the Russian superhero film. Fortunately a new English-language trailer full of lovely plot hints and action shots just hit the web.

Women of Awesomeness: Susan Ivanova

When we first meet Susan Ivanova she is a Lt. Commander and XO of the Babylon 5 space station. From the get-go she is a capable officer, strong in her convictions, loyal and honorable. Underneath her competent, hard as nails exterior is a woman with a tragic history, and a belief that all love is […]

Pandora Cinematheque – Alma

An innocent young girl discovers a strange and mysterious toy shop with a curiously familiar doll in the window…

Batman Vs. Superman – A Review with Stixen Stones

Stixen’s Spoiler-Free Review Do you enjoy grown men fighting like babies? How about badly developed plot lines? Are you a fan of mecha suits so clunky that they give you a headache? And underdeveloped and underrated female characters? Then this movie is perfect for you! Beware! Spoilers lurk below this point. Also some language, because […]

Neuromancer . . . the Movie!?

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” This is the opening sentence of the 1984 seminary Cyberpunk novel Neuromancer by William Gibson. The image of a dark future, a sky filled with static, glimmering shades of grey, sets the tone of the novel perfectly . . . until […]

Do Androids Dream of Electric Music?

Many people are somewhat familiar with British electronic music innovator Gary Numan as a result of his overplayed hit song “Cars” and its catchy line “Here in my car, I feel safest of all. In cars.” Unfortunately “Cars” overshadows a wealth of other songs by Numan and the band in which it all began, Tubeway […]

Interview with Author/Filmmaker Ytasha Womack

Ytasha Womack, author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi & Fantasy Culture as well as the science-fiction novel Rayla 2212, put her Afrofuturism-themed film Bar Star City into production last fall. The film looks at love, deception, memory and alienation among a group of bar regulars in Chicago. Ofeibea Loveless talks to Womack about her film, […]

The Leviathan

It’s the 22nd century, on a mysterious planet where giant alien beasts are harvested for their biological material, where mankind is conscripted to brave the air-flows on futuristic sky-craft, and where sometimes, for all the technology and science available to us, we are completely outmatched by monsters in the deep…

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