Mechanica: A Steampunk Cinderella Tale

Mechanica, by Betsy Cornwell, is a young adult steampunk retelling of the Cinderella tale. Mechanica, like other modern fairy tale adaptations (Wicked, Maleficent, Frozen) present a strong female character in Nicolette, who is derisively named “Mechanica” by her stepsisters. Like other versions of the Cinderella tale, the mother dies, the father remarries, and then he dies and Nicolette is left in the hands of her stepmother. The “steps” treat her as a servant and abuse her until she is able to escape and live the life she dreamed about through her long years of misery. There are several innovations in this narrative, including the addition of steampunk creations, that make this a vivid and memorable tale.

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band play Cincinnati

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band hails from Seattle, WA, lead by multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Johnstone (violin, viola, banjo, mandolin, and guitar). Their vibrant sound crosses boundaries and borders, resulting in a blend of European, Middle Eastern, and South American music with Jazz, Rock, Surf, Folk, Gothic, and Steampunk influences.  On Saturday, May 7th, 2016, they will be […]

The Huntsman: Winter’s War – Review with Stixen Stones

Stixen’s Spoiler Free Review Do you enjoy films that can’t be saved by amazing talent like Charlize Theron? How about convoluted fantasy films so sexist that not even Chris hemsworth’s shoulders and smoldering talent can’t fix? Well then this film is the one for you! Warning! Spoilers fly below this point! So, my opening thoughts […]

Yamasong is Coming…

If you are a fan animated movies with dark undertones then you should be getting really excited right now. Yamasong: March of the Hollows is a new film from Dark Dunes Productions with a very Pan’s Labyrinth or Dark Crystal feeling about it. This upcoming adventure tells the story of a warrior and an automaton on an […]

Pandora Cinematheque – Blinky

As we slowly relinquish control of our lives to technological assistance and systems, what kind of sentience are we inviting into our homes? And what happens when this intelligence goes wrong? Blinky shows one potentially terrifying outcome.

Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill

What do you think, Doctor Who fans? By now, if you’re a true blue dyed-in-the-wool-scarf Whovian, you have heard the news: Peter Capaldi will be running through corridors with a new companion at his side. Pearl Mackie was introduced as Bill, the “latest one” (as the Brigadier would say) in a stunning two-minute video clip featuring […]

Aqua’s “Cartoon Heroes”

Better known for their 1997 breakthrough single “Barbie Girl,” Aqua is a Danish eurodance group that formed in 1989 and achieved huge success around the globe in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The group released three albums: Aquarium in 1997, Aquarius in 2000, and Megalomania in 2011, and it is from their second album that we […]

“Dirigible” the MOVIE!

Described by as being a “marginally science fictional,”  Dirigible is a 1931 American Pre-Code adventure film directed by Frank Capra. The movie stars Jack Holt, Ralph Graves and Fay Wray and focuses on the competition between naval fixed-wing and airship pilots to reach the South Pole by air. Dirigible was Capra’s and Columbia’s first film to be given prominence […]

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