Happy Meal the Motion Picture

Let me tell you why Star Trek and McDonalds are inseparably linked in my mind. It was December 1979, my father was going to take my brother and I to see a movie. We had never heard about Star Trek until he told us about the movie, but when we saw commercials on TV we […]

Nerd/Geek Triggers

Let me ask a philosophical question. Are Nerds born nerds? Are Geeks born geeks? (The discussion about the difference between the two will have to come at a later time) Are certain people destined to have an affinity for role playing games or SciFi and Fantasy fiction? Or is it simply an environmental factor that […]

Women of Awesomeness: Marion Ravenwood (Part Two)

The last time we saw Marion was at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. She and Indy were on the steps of a government building in D.C., there was kissing and talk of getting a drink. We don’t actually see Marion again until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. What […]

Doctor Who – The Master Returns (Part Two)

Previously we looked at the first incarnation of The Master, Doctor Who’s arch-nemesis, and this week we continue the analysis of this deadly foe. “You craven-hearted, spineless poltroon!” How do you replace a wildly popular character when the actor that portrayed him no longer lives? Well, if you’re the writers of Doctor Who, a program that […]

Women of Awesomeness: Marion Ravenwood (Part One)

This Woman of Awesomeness has proved so awesome I am compelled to write about her in two parts! Marion Ravenwood is the daughter of Abner Ravenwood. She was raised travelling around the world, but never really showed much interest in treasure hunting and archaeology until she met one of her father’s protégés, a man called […]

The Nostalgia Effect – Otherworld

The Nostalgia Effect can make you love shows that suck, sometimes it makes you love shows that you KNOW suck. This is one of those shows. Show: Otherworld Original Run: January 1985 – March 1985 No. of Episodes: 8 This is likely the shortest lasting awesomely bad television show I’ll ever write about in this […]

Doctor Who – The Master (Part One)

“I am usually referred to as the Master… universally.” Originally conceived as the Moriarty to the Doctor’s Sherlock Holmes, the Master was played originally by the talented actor and polymath, Roger Delgado. For three seasons, the Master dabbled in world domination allied with the Autons & the Sea Devils, consorted with demons, and otherwise created […]

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