Labyrinth’s Emotionally Abusive Goblin King (Pt.2)

Part Two of our analysis of Labyrinth‘s Jareth . . . click here for Part One. Given the power dynamic, and Jareth’s demeanor, his treatment of Sarah is akin to that of a narcissistic emotional abuser. From their very first encounter Jareth employs a variety of abusive techniques in order to control Sarah. Three primary red flags for an unhealthy […]

This Day in History – February 1st, 1893

The world’s first film production studio, the Black Maria, or the Kinetographic Theater, was completed on February 1st, 1893. It stood upon the grounds of Edison’s laboratories at West Orange, New Jersey, for the purpose of making film strips for the Kinetoscope. Construction began in December 1892 and was completed the following year at a cost of […]

Labyrinth’s Emotionally Abusive Goblin King (Pt.1)

Despite being a box office failure in 1986, only reclaiming half of the $25 million that it cost to make, the film Labyrinth holds a priceless place in the hearts of so many geeks and nerds. Jim Henson’s puppets are amazing, Brian Froud’s concept art is fantastic, Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) leads us upon an unforgettable […]

The Time Machine(s)

On January 7th, 2015, Australian actor Rod Taylor died four days short of his 85th birthday which would have been January 11th, 2015. His last screen role was in 2009, making a cameo appearance as Winston Churchill in Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglourious Basterds, but the role that gained him most notoriety was playing the lead in the […]

Top Three Steampunk TV Shows

Yesterday we ran an article arguing that Warehouse 13 was the most steampunk TV ever . . . and of course there were many who responded with shows that they thought were even more steampunk . . . so we put a poll to our Facebook regulars to nominate and vote for their favorite steampunk TV show, […]

7 Reasons Why “Warehouse 13” is the Most Steampunk Show on Earth

At first look you don’t expect Warehouse 13 to make it to the list of steampunk TV shows, let alone steal the #1 slot. The cover picture features a barn, and you get that it’s a vaguely parnormal spy show about some secret branch of the government, but until you get really invested you might […]

Randy R. Fabert: Creature Feature

Navigating through a seemingly endless sea saturated with sequels, prequels, reboots, merchandising, franchising, and banging out the next big blockbuster the quickest and cheapest way possible movies have become mass produced on a masturbatory scale. Practical effects that require a certain degree of creative ingenuity and countless man-hours make way for computer generated bloodshed, explosions […]


Outcasts is a Science Fiction serial that ran on BBC1 beginning in February 2011. Because we don’t have cable, and it seem not many liked the show, I had no idea of it’s existence until Netflix recommended it to me. I’ve been watching episodes of it off and on for the past few weeks. It […]

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