Riftworld Chronicles Web-series – Review

I totally loved this fresh take on fantasy, and I think you will, too! Riftworld Chronicles is a witty, urban fantasy that centers on a traveler from another world named Alar (Tahmoh Penikett from Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica) and the sarcastic, wannabe-journalist named Kim he mistakes for a fellow mage after she captures his “essence” and posts […]

The Flight of the Albatross

“The Airship Chronicles” has thus far focused on the science of airships and their development, but this series was designed to include fictional airships as well as historical ones . . . so ladies and gentlemen, please behold the almighty Albatross!

From Hell – Movie Review

Jack the Ripper, the nickname given to a serial killer immortalized in the London newspapers of 1888, was a gruesome departure from our prim and proper view of the Victorian era. Because of the distinctive way the killer(s) dispensed his victims, the string of murders committed in the East End neighborhoods like White Chapel and Aldgate […]

5 (Good) Reasons to (Re)Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol

There aren’t many things from the 90’s that have survived past the first decade of the new century. And for that we should be grateful. However, the particular brand of sass that is The Muppet Christmas Carol has aged well and now resonates with not only the generation it was produced for, but new young’uns […]

Jonesing for Jessica

-There be Spoilers ahead- Following in the shadowy footsteps of the successful Daredevil, Marvel and Netflix have recently launched Jessica Jones on an unsuspecting audience. Daredevil at least had a movie to introduce the character to mainstream viewers, but as far as Marvel heroes go Jessica Jones is not the best known. Like Supergirl this […]

Feminism is Weird: The Career of Mia Wasikowska

Some feminists say women in film should wear more clothes. Some say less. But more or less we agree the primary concern is characterization vs. objectification. The problem is a matter of scarcity. Unfortunately, Scarlett Johansson and Joss Whedon faced decades of pent up frustration after Age of Ultron due to the film’s exploration of […]

Something Wicked(ly Cool) This Way Comes

“Let’s stop pretending that theatre can’t be captured on screen,” Michael Billington (2014), theater critic for the Guardian, claims in support of England’s National Theatre Live project, which broadcasts live productions to cinemas in the UK and Ireland. There are even some venues in the US that show the live broadcasts, although they are scattered far and wide. For those who do not live near one of these theaters, seeing the productions would still be somewhat out of reach except for the newest addition—the Digital Theatre APP. With this new technology, fans can see performances by their favorite actors/actresses heretofore only readily available to those who lived in Great Britain or had the means for international travel on a regular basis. And the performances by such notables as David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Richard Armitage, and David Morrissey, are stunning.

AKA Gaslighting: Killgrave and His Mirrors

“I haven’t killed anyone.” Instead of trying to copy the thrill of Daredevil and its political scheming, the creators of Jessica Jones took a different path to hell. Where Matt faces physical and social injustice with villains to match, Jessica is caught in a world of psychological abuse, and Killgrave is the physical embodiment of […]

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