Virtual Reality and Modern Cyberpunk Pt. 3

Time freezes and your visual panorama retreats to reveal that it is only a display, one of many on a timeline. They are the image-frames depicting your life. You swipe left and watch them fast forward to the future, to the classic cyberpunk dystopia. Dirty streets, endless rain, oppressive overcrowding, neon seduction in every direction and […]

Virtual Revolution – Gaming Takes the Big Screen

The line between reality and virtual reality shrinks with every passing day. Although science fiction has addressed computer games many times in the past, recent inventions in the gaming world and the public’s growing acceptance of “extreme” gaming lifestyles has sparked new ideas. After his short film “Cassandra” won dozens of awards and appeared in […]

Calamity’s Corner: CyberPunk Drinks!

So, long before I strapped on my first corset, before I glued some gears on it, long long before Steampunk entered my life I was into Cyberpunk. I guess I can say I was introduced to things Cyber waaayyy back in the summer of ’82. It was just before my 12th B-day and I was […]

Virtual Reality and Modern Cyberpunk Pt. 2

Following the threads and strands of a dark history into our bright future, we are able to see that the entire human endeavor was leading up to virtual reality. Early stories told by the campfire were the crude prototypes of the new synthetic experience, teaching us things that we could only learn through peering into […]

Sigma-4: The Wanderlust

A jagged length of dirty glass; it would suffice for a scalpel. I stuffed it into a coat pocket. The garbage container heaved with the impact of another spray of bullets. A quick look around the edge– there were only two of them, making their way through the alley with forearm guns drawn. Alternating red […]

Virtual Reality and Modern Cyberpunk Pt.1

The questions still intrigue us: Is the world we currently live in artificial? Could we ever find out if we were living in a simulated reality? Can a simulated reality offer us more to enjoy than the real world? Are there inherent dangers to the prospects of virtual reality? And the most important question in […]

Replicants & Redemption in “Blade Runner”

Since its first release in 1982, the film Blade Runner has possessed several enigmas, part of director Ridley Scott’s style of storytelling by withholding certain pieces of information. Ten years later Blade Runner – The Director’s Cut managed to place even more mysteries into the narrative. The Director’s Cut removed the pedestrian voice over and the tacked on “happy ending,” […]

The Paradox of Cyberpunk and Retro-Futurism

We are living in a paradoxical time . . . we have entered the era of Cyberpunk, yet the sub-genre has also entered the ranks of retro-futurism as much as Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and all the other the punks! The term Cyberpunk was coined in 1983 and the 1980’s saw a wealth of seminal Cyberpunk books, artwork, films, and TV […]

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