Women of Awesomeness: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter

Anita Blake is the main character in a series of novels by Laurel K. Hamilton. The Anita Blake series came along in the very early days of the Urban Fantasy boom. In many ways Anita Blake shaped what female protagonists of Urban Fantasy heroes have become. In short, Anita can be considered one of the […]

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Despite writing almost 80 novels in various genres, Edgar Rice Burroughs is best known as a pioneer of Science Fiction with his most famous works being the Tarzan series and the John Carter series. At the age of 36, his first publication, under the pen name of Norman Bean, was Under the Moons of Mars that was […]

Women of Awesomeness: Psi-Judge Anderson

I look back on my childhood in wonderment. I wonder that my parents let me do and read some of the things they did. My folks rarely held anything back from me, reading wise. I began reading “Heavy Metal” when I was 10, for example. My folks drew that line at anything that the comic […]

Book Review: Empress of the Sun

Empress of the Sun by Ian McDonald (Pyr Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2014) Many stories have been told about alternate universes – places where we exist, but in slightly different ways and environments than the one we know. In the Everness series, Ian McDonald asks: What if there were infinite universes? And, more importantly, what […]

Book Review: In Thunder Forged

In Thunder Forged – Ari Marmell  (Pyr Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2013) Imagine a world of fearsome battles worthy of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, called WARMACHINE. Imagine a story of political intrigue worthy of The Three Musketeers. Imagine a spy adventure worthy of James Bond. Now imagine all three combined into a new series. […]

We are the Robots

The word robot first appeared in the English language in 1923 with a translation of the 1920 stage play R.U.R.‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’ by Czech playwright K. Čapek. It originates from the Czech robota which translate as ‘forced labor.’ Despite the word robot being less than a century old, the concept of the mechanical servant dates back much longer . . […]

Gandersnitch the Goblin’s Kickstarter

What’s copper colored, wrapped in brown, and hopes to be re(a)d all over? Well, read to be sure.  Gandersnitch the Goblin, of course! Gandersnitch has been a great part of many Pandora events. Vending at some, and more recently performing his Goblin Medicine Show at the Voodoo Carnival, Steampunk Symposium, and Midsummer Masquerade. Now the […]

Urban Fantasy 101

Urban fantasy really seemed to blossom around the early 80’s. Authors like Emma Bull and Mercedes Lackey wrote stories about people who appeared fairly mundane being thrust into fantastical situations. Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks (1987) was about a rock musician pulled into the middle of a Faerie war. Mercedes Lackey introduced several books during […]

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