Corn Island Steampunk Society – Jeffersonville, Indiana

The Corn Island Steampunk Society is an active Adventurers club for local Steampunk Enthusiasts, Time Travelers, Airship Pirates, Neo-Victorians, Retro Historians, Space Cowboys, Artists, Writers and Adventurers in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas in southern Indiana, and parts of Ohio. The Corn Island Steampunk Society meets the 3rd Sunday of every month, unless otherwise noted […]

Airship Athena – Athens, Ohio

Airship Athena is named after the city we hail from, as well as Athens, Greece whose founding patron goddess is Athena. The symbol of the goddess Athena, the owl, can be seen in our logo. The crew of Airship Athena highly appreciates its local community and we often partner with the county’s historical society and […]

The Clan of Teks – Cincinnati, Ohio

The Clan of Teks is a small city struggling to survive in a post comet impact world. We are always looking for like minded survivors to help us grow and prosper in the post fall world by re-claiming science, technology and using it to increase the standard of living of all decent and kind people, […]

Airship Archon – Columbus, Ohio

The Airship Archon is a diverse group of entertainers, tinkerers, and business people hailing from the humble but worldly city of Columbus, Ohio. They continually strive to network and propagate their good name to far off cities as much as possible. Frequently they host build days, meet ups, picnics, and dinners. In addition, they also […]

Steampunk Society of Nebraska

The Steampunk Society of Nebraska (SSoN) is two entities. One is a number of people living in or near the state of Nebraska who gather from time to time. The other entity is a group page on Facebook full of people from throughout the United States and many other countries. Both groups have plenty of […]

The Midwest Steampunk Alliance Project

Back in 2009 when I co-founded the social network site Steampunk Empire, the main purpose of the site was to connect new Steampunks with local groups of other Steampunks. As part of this mission, Captain Anthony La Grange of the Airship Archon and I formed the Ohio Steampunk Society to further unite the various airships […]

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