Airship Tempus Fugit – Batavia, Ohio

Airship Tempus Fugit was newly formed for the 2014 Steampunk Empire Symposium, and next year the Symposium will actually be held in their territory of the Eastgate area of Cincinnati. An eclectic group of creative minds from the east side of Cincinnati, who are fairly new to the steampunk scene. We are of diverse ages and […]

Airship Centroid – Hamilton, Ohio

We are a friendly group of airship pirates, misfits and nobles based out of Hamilton. We enjoy introducing people steampunk culture and helping people create characters and learn to craft. We have members of all ages and welcome all who want to join our ranks.  Although checking out our facebook page to keep up on […]

Circle City Aerodrome – Indianapolis, Indiana

Our Mission is to promote an understanding and participation in Steampunk arts and culture in Indiana. We do this by: promoting local artists, organizing public events, engaging local business, furthering knowledge of the Steampunk genre, and incorporating Indiana history. We are nondiscriminatory in however you may interpret the steampunk genre whether by race, class, gender, religion, orientation, […]

Corsair Iniquitous – Florence, Kentucky

Heh. As pirates, we must respectfully decline the advertisement of our regular activities. Protecting investments and all that. Any events that we should desire a public showing ripe for plundering, umm….we mean welcoming, we will be sure to advertise extensively through social media. We have a cat-a-pult. It throws cats at your airship. Your airships […]

The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment – Chicago, IL

We are an association of Hermetic, Metaphysical, and Spiritualist scholars dedicated to the study of psychic and occult sciences for the general betterment of humanity. The National headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois with chapters in Madison, Wisconsin, and Fresno, California. The Owen Society meets the last Sunday of each month at various locations around […]

Airship O’Reilly – Champaign, IL

Not quite pirates, not quite lost. We keep ourselves merry if just to forget that we’re all running from something, not always sure what. We entertain as best we can for the good of all men, and our pockets. Adie O’Reilly is captain of the Airship O’Reilly, and to learn more contact her at Airship O’Reilly is a member […]

Iowa Steampunk

Iowa SteamPunk is a group of “People with an interest in SteamPunk that are interested in activities in and around Iowa. The only rule is that people must remain respectful of others. Discuss differences in polite society, no arguing. And, keep it SteamPunk related.” These are the rules of our Facebook group called Iowa SteamPunk. […]

Airship Isadore – Wichita, Kansas

We are Airship Isadore; an autonomous steampunk group dedicated to exploration, adventure, and misbehaving. We hope to expand the love for the steampunk genre, bring together like-minded people to our group, donate as much as we can, and to have as much fun as possible while doing it. Occasionally we work with the Sky Marshals […]

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