Capitol Steam – Lansing, MI

A group devoted to promoting the steampunk culture in the mid-Michigan area. Through cooperation with other groups, hosting events, and providing a forum for all things steam-related, the group’s main goal is to connect steampunks with one another. So far, the group has two annual events: A dinner at Clara’s Station in Lansing, held sometime […]

How to Start a Steampunk Group . . .

Back in May of 2008, I first learned of Steampunk as a community after reading an article in the New York Times. Prior to that I had been fully aware of the term “Steampunk,” was fully familiar with it as a literary sub-genre, and fully appreciated the tropes of the aesthetic, but the notion that […]

Airship Lexington Sky Marshals – Wichita, Kansas

The world’s largest steampunk charity performance group. Interviewed in Gearhearts magazine issue#10. Part of steamworks and shadows web series. And have been around over two years. We have a Facebook group where we meet as we span several states. Captain Sean MacTaggart leads the Sky Marshals. To learn more contact him at or visit their website. The Sky Marshals are a […]

Airship Passepartout – Dayton, Ohio

Airship Passepartout is a Dayton, OH based steampunk group. We started slowly in 2010 and have since been building steam. Currently we gather together at least once per month for some type of activity such as a picnic, stroll, parlour games, tea, caravan to a large event or just social drinking. We are an open group […]

The Promethean Society – Appleton, Wisconsin

Secret society of morally ambiguous mad scientists and their minions. Working toward a better tomorrow whether you like it or not. No regular meet ups, but we organize Appleton Gear Fest, and we can be found at multiple conventions. Lucretia Strange, the 11th Baroness Strange leads the The Promethean Society. To learn more contact Cassie Beyer at or visit their Facebook […]

Clan of Teks First Contact With Circle City Aerodrome

This is an “in character” post.

Dr.Robert’s Traveling Odditorium – Louisville, Kentucky

What is Dr. Robert’s Traveling Odditorium? The Odditorium is a steampunk acting group, and we exist to create a unique experience for both the steampunk elite and newcomers alike. We are a sideshow of steampunk misfits, traveling through space and time and all around the world to gather the most amazing, magnificent and strange creatures […]

Airship Curiosity – Dayton, Ohio

Airship Curiosity houses the main body of Calamity Labs, purveyors of all types of wondrous and amazing artifacts of around the world. The ship is helped maintained by several ghostly specters, the captain, Sir Phineas P. Phunderburg, has piloted this vessel since before his demise. The wonderful mad scientist, which by the way she doesn’t like […]

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