Ceremonial Sashes, Medals, & Pins.

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Aether and attendees of the International Steampunk Symposium, with the increase number of excellent pins and medals that people are sporting at Steampunk events we have noticed that people are running out of room on their lapels and such, but we have also noticed those who have begun collecting their […]

The Diabolical Steam Machine Of The Bluegrass – Lexington, KY

The Diabolical Steam Machine Of The Bluegrass is a group of crafters and airship pirates centered around the city of Lexington in Kentucky.  The group meets on the third Saturday of every month and holds a time travelers tea party. All are welcome to come and share their latest adventures and creations with us! We will also […]

Airship Insiders & Airship Outsiders

Many steampunk collectives choose to organize themselves as an airship with a clear hierarchy of commanding officers under the leadership of a benevolent captain. Incidentally, I am under the firm conviction that the steampunk persona title “captain” should be reserved for those who actually lead a group . . . but that’s just my opinion. […]

Airship Hindentanic & The Southern Illinois Steampunk Society – Carbondale, Illinois

A group of rowdy individuals whose one goal seems to be to forget the world if just for a moment and find adventure where ever the winds can take us. We come together through the Southern Illinois Steampunk Society, a group built on the idea to find local Steampunks. Southern Illinois Steampunk Society meets every […]

Disaster! – Dirigible Crash Causes Aetheric Contamination

The worst has happened. The small rogue dirigible that snuck its way into our dimension from the dimension of our new acquaintances the Circle City Aerodrome, was spotted two days ago fleeing through the portal to their own dimension. As it had been reported that they were seen collecting samples of ejecta blanket material laden […]

SWFL Steampunks – Naples, Florida

We are a new group in the southwestern corner of the state of Florida, with very few members. The age demographic here does not support much in the way of fringe culture, but we are determined to change that! Our area is already home to a known steampunk author, two steampunk bands, and a touring […]

Tek Security Bulletin: Report Strange Dirigibles

Attention! The Clan of Teks security team needs all citizens to report any and all sightings of strange or otherwise unknown dirigibles. Furthermore any unrecognized dirigibles docking at the Clan of Teks port tower must submit to safety searches until further notice. This is a matter of dire importance not only to the safety of […]

CCA Ports of Presence (POP) Stability in question

Dr. Dane, the Circle City Aerodrome Boffin Corps Administrator and Lead Sciences Development Adviser to the CCA Founders Board, has issued an all Port of Presence (POP) statement:   “The recent increase of portal instability incidents is being investigated. These incidents are in no way a threat to commercial or personal travelers using CCA facilities.    […]

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