Capitol Steam’s Bimonthly Salon – September Report

Dispatch from Capitol Steam’s Bimonthly Salon

September 19th, 2015: Theme: Captain Nemo’s Lounge

Aye, it was Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys, and we did! The Kraken was flowing. Thanks once again to Kelly’s Irish Pub in downtown Lansing for hosting our misadventures. The Habibi Dancers, (above) our visitors from across the waves, entertained with exemplary skill and enthusiasm, while our convivial crowd of sailors, pirates, wenches and even landlubbers relaxed and enjoyed the establishment’s food and libations.

It was a grand turnout of new and old steampunk aficionados. Capitol Steam would especially like to thank the members of the Brethren of the Great Lakes who added their piratical splendor to the occasion. A special welcome was also extended to the newest compatriots, particularly those who encountered our representatives at MegaCon in Jackson, or at the Michigan Renaissance Festival and were lured—rather, ahem, encouraged—to attend.

Capitol Steam is a rapidly growing organization that has recently elected its first board of directors:

  • Prime Minister and Viceroy (co-presidents) Barbara Agens & Michael Micklea
  • Minister of the Secret Police (Secretary) Glenn Pape
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasurer) Erica Beck
  • Steam Lords ( Members at Large) Jason Heinrich, Cindy Scull & Matt Schulteiss
  • The Crew: Many other members volunteer on committees or help put on our events through the Capitol Steam Task Force.
  • Tintype by Victor Vague Studios

    Tintype by Victor Vague Studios

Upcoming Events:

HPIM1547The Bimonthly Salons have a suggested donation of $5.00, the proceeds of which are usually split equally between the group’s coffers and the evening’s entertainment. Invasions are priced by the event or location invaded, with Capitol Steam members responsible for their own expenses.

Submitted October 23rd 2015, by Communications Officer and Scrivener, Cindy Spencer Pape

Event graphic created by Lydia Miller. All photos except tintype, courtesy of Joe Hubbard of MIGeekScene. or Glenn Pape.



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