Outer Space Music – “Calling You” by Blue October

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The American alternative rock band Blue October is mostly known for their 2006 song “Hate Me,” but three years prior to that a song called “Calling You,” from their 2003 album History for Sale was their biggest hit. The song actually has two music videos, a second version was directed by Jeff Richter and released 2007, but it is the original 2003 version that utterly out of this world!

The original 2003 music video portrays the story of a doomed astronaut, played by band singer Justin Furstenfeld, singing of his lover back home on Earth. The mission is routine until a fire breaks out aboard the rocket and the crew is forced to evacuate before it explodes. Furstenfeld is left floating in space before being pulled into the Earth’s gravitational pull. As he falls to Earth and begins to burn up in the atmospheric reentry, Furstenfeld continues to sing of his love, whom we see pictured in a field looking up at the shooting star that is actually Furstenfeld.

The concept of the music video bares a strong similarity to Ray Bradbury’s short story “Kaleidoscope” from the anthology The Illustrated Man, in which the crew of a space ship drift helplessly through space after their craft malfunctions. The story describes the final thoughts and conversations of the crew members as they face their death. The narrator bitterly reflects on his life and feels he has accomplished nothing worthwhile. His final thought is a wish that his life would at least be worth something to someone else. As he falls through Earth’s atmosphere and is incinerated, he appears as a shooting star to a child in Illinois.

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