Call of Cthulhu Podcast: “Only One Bullet”

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Masks Side Quest 4, Pt 2: Only One Bullet

Nazi TunnelA Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Podcast presented by The Nerd’s Domain. This is a side quest to break up chapters of the Masks of Nyarlathotep chapters.

It’s a new side quest. Set in World War II, listen as five soldiers and a strange little girl try to escape a prison laboratory. Strange creatures and dead Germans are everywhere.

In this episode, the side quest continues. Our prisoners make their way up out of the underground complex, with more strangeness around every corner. 


Matt Quiett as Private Cary Burke – Hand to Hand Expert
Scott Summerville as MajorScott Summerville – Unit Commander
John Kennedy as Corporal Cal Beckett – Radio Operator
Josh Elliott as Private Dallas – Demolitions Expert
Josh Jackson as Captain Erick Orloffski – Unit Doctor
Shirley Niedzwiecki – Gretta – Young, Creepy German Girl

And Scott Trioano as our keeper.

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