Calamity’s Corner: Teslacon Party Review!

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It was Friday night at Teslacon. It was the best of times. It was the…well, yeah, it was the best of times!

The crowded dance floor of Room 226 (photo by Heather Kenya Cushing)

The crowded dance floor of Room 226 (Photo by Heather Kenya Cushing)

An event took place that night, one that will surely go down in the annals of history as being a most epic event! The Pandora society, in conjunction with the Corsair Iniquitous and Calamity Labs threw a party that shook Teslacon to its core!
It was a party unlike any that had been seen at the venue, and hopefully it will be repeated time and again.

It all started with Bret Daly and Aloysius Fox plotting to bring an International Steampunk Symposium style room party to Teslacon. Despite an offer from Lord Bobbins to host an official large party in the Concierge Suite, the conspirators of the Pandora Society and Corsair Iniquitous thought that it would be best to keep the party unofficial; so it became the official unofficial room party of Teslacon 2015.

Bret Daly and Calamity Dawn running the bar (photo by Heather Kenya Cushing)

Bret Daly and Calamity Dawn running the bar (photo by Heather Kenya Cushing)

That was when I was contacted, by Bret, to see if I wished to throw the might of Calamity Labs into the bar. Of course I agreed, and Dorian and I began planning. Between Bret and The Labs we came up with a nice menu of drinks, ready-made, easy to sling. We served:

Basil-Cucumber Gimlet (provided by Nicole Marker of Sylvan Designs): a sweetly tart refreshing gin based punch.

Cinnamon Chai: (Bret’s own creation) A creamy, rich, spicy sweet sip of deliciousness.

Cape Cod Punch: Vodka, cranberry and lime married in a strong concoction.

Tropical Sangria: (Calamity Labs’ own recipe) This party marks the first time this libation has been served outside of the Labs. Spiced rum, pineapple, coconut and white wine.

Kraken’s Delight: (Calamity Labs’ signature blend) A potent potable indeed! A mix of Kraken, Sailor Jerry’s and more!

In addition to the ready-made magic we served Yngling and water.

The drinks went over very well. I don’t we had any negative feedback on them. I saw a lot of faces that evening across the bar, several of them more than once! To make things more interesting for all involved Aloysius brought us DJ Doc Martin (Aka Todd Martin) to spin the discs, as it were. Music pumped all the night long. People danced, I heard some occasional singing, they flirted, they chatted, and they partied the night away! I gave in the towel at around 2 in the morning. We had nearly run out of booze. As I walked down the hallway the sounds of reveling followed me. I know that some hardy souls kept it up for hours beyond that. Eventually, as all things must, the last drink was served, the last dance was danced. Hugs, kisses, pats of the shoulder passed. Weary, but happy folks made their way to their beds.

I am thankful to the Corsair Iniquitous and the Pandora Society for inviting the Labs to be part of this epic event! Dorian and I, and the whole of the Minions, look forward to a time when we can see if we can bottle that magic and do it again!

Thanks are also sent out to the numerous people who donated time, money, and product to make this event happen!

It’s not 100% confirmed, but the International Steampunk Symposium, Corsair Iniquitous, and Calamity Labs might well accept that invitation to host an official party at Teslacon in 2016, so watch out for more news about this epic event.


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