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In August I took a visit with some friends of mine out at Stillwright’s, a distillery local to me. I was given a brief tour, got to sample some products, and spent some time conversing with some pretty neat people.

Stillwright 1Stillwright’s makes several different liquors, bourbon, moonshine in a variety of flavors, and rum – both silver and spiced. They have earned numerous awards for their fine spirits! The distillery is owned by Brad Measel, Shawn Measel and James Bagford. They employee the help of Devan Morrison, he sells the product around town, and helps maintain their social media presence. In addition to that several members of their family and friends help out, even if it’s just by going out and bragging about the booze!

My tour started when I walked into the large warehouse space. Before I noticed the barrels, I was hit with that unmistakable aroma of mash! Heavy, slightly sour, with that sweet note that only corn has. The air was rich with the smell of soon-to-be bourbon. I’ve been to visit Stillwright’s several times, but each time holds something new for me. This time is was a peek into the 3rd batch of bourbon that will be coming out by the end of the year. When I first tried their bourbon, about a year ago, it was so tasty, but rough, raw and young. The potential was there for really great things. Batch 2 was a bit smoother. Batch 3? Well, let’s just say that I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle of this. That potential is starting to come to fruition.

Stillwright 2So, a little more about the distillery. The Measel family were once millwrights. Circumstances caused them to take the family business in a new direction. A shared love of bourbon gave them inspiration. They sold off much of the mill equipment, but not until they’d salvaged copper and metal enough to build their own still. That’s right, in true Steampunk fashion they took something old, deconstructed it and created something wonderful! It took a lot of trial and error before they hit on the masg recipe they liked. In time, tho’, they hit gold, and in June 2014 the bourbon, and 7 types of moonshine, hit the shelves. Shortly after that their silver rum entered the scene, followed by spiced rum. I’m told we have barrel aged rum to look forward to in addition to the upcoming Batch 3 bourbon. Stillwright’s uses locally sourced product. 100% of their corn and wheat is from here in Ohio.

I’ve sampled everything they have to offer, and a few things that may yet see the light of day. Their ‘Shine comes in several flavors, including good ol’ fashioned plain ‘Shine, Apple Pie, Cinnamon (which is hot and tasty! A great alternative to Fireball for those who don’t like whisky), Peach Cobbler, Margarita, and my personal favorite – Key Lime Pie! Their silver rum is a good mixer, but it is too harsh to sip on its own. The spiced rum is one of the more unusual ones I’ve ever tried. It downplays the traditional spices you find in Sailor Jerry’s or Capt. Morgan, allowing the richness of caramel, toffee and butterscotch to shine through. It’s candy in a shot glass! I can’t let this go without mentioning the bourbon. It starts surprisingly crisp on the tongue, with rich notes of brown sugar and toffee, a hint of banana, followed by heavier notes of oak.


Stilwright’s offers tours on Saturday and Sunday. They run 10$ a head, samples are a quarter. Call ahead for a reservation!

Stillwright’s (Flat Rock Spirits)
5380 Intrastate Dr.
Fairborn, OH 45324

Cheers, mates!


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