Calamity’s Corner: Just What Are We Up To?

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The International Steampunk Symposium is THIS weekend! If you listen closely you can almost hear Steampunks from all over furiously putting the last touches on their costumes, packing their supplies, preparing tea, and generally getting ready for a rollicking good time.

The same is true for us here at Calamity Labs. We’ve been hard at work creating cocktails, practicing our patter, training Minions (which is far easier than you’d think) and doing other assorted mysterious things. We have every intention of entertaining you, educating you, and possibly getting you a touch sozzled in the process. Just what are we up to? I hear you wonder, and an answer you shall have!

Calamity Labs is presenting three panels this year:

A Colloquium of Taste: An Event for the Adventurous Drinker

(Friday, April 24 Baker Suite 8pm)

We’ve done gin, and vodka, and rum, and bourbon…my aren’t we all little lushes? This weekend we’re stepping it up a notch with a double tasting event. To keep in spirit with the Symposium’s global journey we, too, have done a little travelling of sorts. Our tasting this year will feature Rum (because we know how much you all love it) and Sake! We have prepared some special cocktails featuring these two vastly different spirits. We’ll educate a little on the making of these delicious libations. There will be samples of a few different types of both rum and sake.


Mixology 210: A Tipple more about Cocktails

(Friday, April 24 Baker Suite 9pm)

A panel discussing the finer applications of some more advanced techniques and recipes. Through this it will help the “home-tender” to better understand the process of mixology. We will deconstruct cocktail recipes, to demonstrate how and why they work. Both classic cocktails and Calamity Labs original recipes will be used for this purpose. As with 101 there will be a possibility of samples available. There will be a tutorial on more advanced techniques. Also included will be our suggestions for taking your home or travel bar to the next level. This is a 21+ panel because of the presence and possible consumption of alcohol.


Mixology 320: Mixology Madness!

(Saturday, April 25 Baker Suite 9pm)

You’ve been to 101 and 210, or maybe you’re a novice to these proceedings, but either way it’s time for you to get your hands dirty. Yes, YOU. Dorian and I have talked at length about the whys and wherefores of home bartending, mixology, and cocktail construction. Now it’s time to put you to the test. (All those times we said there’d be a quiz later, you thought we were joking, weren’t you?) Three people will be selected at random from the audience, and they will have 20 minutes to make an original cocktail from a selection of spirits, mixers, liqueurs, and such that we will provide. Worry not, we will give a quick refresher at the beginning of the panel laying out the rules, and going over some basic concepts. During the drink construction the audience is welcome to give suggestions, or ask the Labs staff anything they wish. Dorian and I, along with a specially selected Guest Judge, will choose one drink as the winner! Bragging rights and prizes are at stake here!

In addition to those three events we are participating in one other panel. Our very own Minion, Odetta Von Kasek, has bravely set forth and chosen to lead her first ever panel!


The Theory of Mixology

(Saturday, April 25 Baker Suite 8pm)

Dorian, and DJ Doctor Q, and mine own self will join Odetta in discussing the whys, the where’s, and the how’s of drinks. Odetta has prepared some insightful questions for the panel to answer and the audience will be encouraged to ask whatever they wish.


There is so much more we love to do here at the Labs. We have a small little “con-alog” that we are constantly tweaking and adding to. Come by and see us this weekend!


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  • Does one need to sign up for these workshops??? I fear they will be quite popular and don’t want to be left out.

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