Building the TARDIS

Dr. Forge and Emma Peelout

We have promised you a life sized blue police box, sometimes known as a TARDIS, for Pandoracon (Sept. 28-30, 2012) and we shall deliver on that promise. Our TARDIS team has been hard at work constructing a replica of the good Doctor’s vehicle for travel through time and relative dimension in space, and it shall serve as the center piece for the Doctor Who photo shoot on Saturday (Sept. 28).

Dr. Forge and Emma Peelout, also the King and Queen of the Pandoracon House of Hearts, have been busy cutting, sanding, and screwing together the makings of the blue box. There are many great instruction sites out there on how to build a TARDIS, but our construction design has been largely based on the TARDIS built by German builder SillySparrowNess who developed the concept of a collapsable folding version (see video below). Pretty soon the now brown box will be ready for painting and the magic will really begin to come together once it’s blue.

There are several plans with what to do with the inside of the Pandoracon TARDIS, but that will have to remain a surprise for September.

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