Book Review: Empress of the Sun

EmpressoftheSunEmpress of the Sun by Ian McDonald (Pyr Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2014)

Many stories have been told about alternate universes – places where we exist, but in slightly different ways and environments than the one we know.

In the Everness series, Ian McDonald asks: What if there were infinite universes? And, more importantly, what if you could navigate among them?

The Infundibulum is a map to parallel Earths, and young Everett Singh finds himself responsible for it after his scientist father disappears. Empress of the Sun is the third book in the series, and jumps straight into the action with little time for explanation. For those who have read the previous books, know that the airship Everness and her crew are still on the run from those who want the Infundibulum, and that on alternate Earths, nefarious plans are still afoot…although, near the end of the book, we discover some motives for this villainy.  In this installment, the Everness lands on a planet where the dinosaurs never went extinct – in fact, they evolved. For new readers, the story may be a bit difficult to follow. On one version of Earth, there are airship crews and a whole culture built around them, with a slang you’ll be tempted to use in everyday speech, and a way of life that makes steampunks feel right at home…even as they deal with environments beyond what anyone could expect.


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