Boffin encounters of the Tek kind


Occasionally, the Circle City Aerodrome comes in contact with other inter-dimensional travelers by chance encounters such as Boffin Corps portal  experiments or dimensional flux stronger than the standard Portal Stability equipment can handle.

Last summer we received a visit from a Captain Stemwinder  and his dirigible Hammerhead.  His ship arrived unexpectedly in the midst of an aetheric dust storm.   The Captain inhabits a dimension where the nations and territories don’t exist.  Whether this dimension ever had these is somewhat unclear at this point though he stated he was part of a group known as the Clan of Teks.Seal_Clan_of_Teks_purple_copper_small

We are careful not to make claims or display technology or knowledge beyond the minimum as experience has taught us to play our cards close to our collective chest at the inter-dimensional poker table of life. However, Captain Stemwinder played his cards as closely as a CCA veteran! Despite his  reservations though,  initial Boffin discussions with the Captain’s engineering crew did establish that the Teks had up until this point only successfully crossed over to one other dimension.

As a gesture of good will, our lead engineer Claudius Van Der Graff led the Hammerhead crew on a short tour of our Aerodrome port facility.   Stemwinder was overtly surprised by the Aerodrome stability technology he observed & Claudius surmised that it is unprecedented in Stemwinder’s native dimension (Boffin dimensional code: “Buckeye” time standard tau +/- 22 )  where the Clan of Tek  resides.  After an interesting evening spent drinking the best Corn Island whiskey, we were able to outfit them with some much needed provisions (at a more than fair exchange rate of trade) and arranged to open up inter-dimensional communications with the Clan of Tek in hopes of arranging further visits between our groups.

As we’ve seen with our recent experiences with the Clan of Teks, these chance encounters can be mutually beneficial and give us much needed opportunities to exchange not just goods, but knowledge (plus, the Boffin Corps ensure any excuse for a party is generally well received!)

Last winter the CCAFaraday the Sloth hosted one of our yearly hootenannies and since we had already met Captain Stemwinder and been in inter-dimensional  (aka rift) communication with the Clan’s ambassador Caelyn Nagle,  we were  pleased & excited that the Teks sent a delegation of five as well as being willing to provide a demonstration of their aether plasma engine technology.  In return we lushed – er- provided the best hospitality possible via Madame Belle’s fine salon and the yearly Masquerade Ball.  Caelyn and his comrades brought not only some new technology, but contributed new dance steps to old songs and generally won over even the most conservative of Boffins.  (Claudius and Babbage have both given their seal of Boffin approval)

We hope to continue the friendly exchanges as Dr. Dane has several pending projects with funding gaps that need both extra-dimensional resources and support. Keeping the port stability equipment up and running isn’t cheap or easy!  Currently the Aerodrome Diplomatic corps are putting together a delegation to be comprised of both ambassadorial representatives and Aerodrome private business/technology representatives.  If you are interested in joining this trans-dimensional delegation, please contact the Aerodrome Diplomatic offices via our Chief Liaison Officer Kat Alyst.


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