Before “Tron” There Was “Breaking Glass”

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At first glance Hazel O’Connor’s costume from the film Breaking Glass looks utterly inspired by the outfits worn in Tron, but Breaking Glass proceeds it by two whole years! Today we look at the song “Eighth Day” from the film’s soundtrack and the distinctly cyberpunk imagery it employs.

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Breaking Glass (1980) is a fictional film that follows the start, rise, success, and ultimate demise of a punk rock singer Kate (Hazel O’Connor). The song “Eighth Day” comes toward the end of the film with a huge concert at which point Kate is dependent upon drugs to keep her together. The climax of the scene and the film results in Kate having a nervous breakdown after being crushed by the pressures of the commercial music industry.


Is it Pris from “Blade Runner”? Nope, it’s Kate.

“Eighth Day” explores the relationship between humans and technology using the Biblical seven days of creation to add the eighth day in which humans become the gods that create machines to perform their labor. Inevitably, as with many science fiction tropes, the machines become sentient to their enslavement and rebel against the humans causing the destruction of everything as in Terminator (1984), The Matrix (1999), and many others.

Not only does the imagery of “Eighth Day” predate Tron by a couple of years, fans of Blade Runner might recognize the eye illuminating effect that Ridley Scott used to indicate the replicants. Also, Kate’s makeup and hairstyle throughout the film looks uncannily like Pris from Blade Runner.

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