Beard & Moustache Contest – Initial Results!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, after the first 48 hours of voting in the Firehouse Moustache Wax Beard & Moustache Contest we can reveal to you the initial results of our polling for the favorite beard and moustache . . . is your favorite in the lead?

As of today, here are the positions . . .

Third Place – Jacque D’cle and Guy Dillon


First Place – Blackbeard (aka Dr Forge)Chad WertzMJ 3000Prof. G. “Getty” Getriebe, and Zebulon Vitruvius Pike!

Two people tying for third place, one in the middle for second, AND five bearded gents all in the lead for first place! This is amazing, but in the end only one can win . . . so make sure to rally voters for YOUR favorite chap!

Vote Here!

Flourish 3

Voting ends on December 5th at midnight (EST). The results will be initially revealed at the December Cincinnati Steampunk Salon on December 6th, and later published on the site on Monday, December 8th for all to see.

Beard & Moustache 2014 Banner 110414


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