AUTOMATON – Time Travelers’ Ball 2015

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Cincinnati? Steampunk? Rock? One band answers the call to all of these requirements . . . the dear old chaps of metal . . . AUTOMATON!

AUTOMATON is THE steampunk power metal troupe. They’ve played national conventions and acts with their steampunk-themed costume and epic glory-seeking lyrics. Imagine a melodic metal sound in the vein of Kamelot and Sabaton mixed with the retro-futuristic mannerisms of Steampunk. Expect a high-energy and playful performance. Bring your tankards, top hats and Maverick guns to sing along and headbang. This ragtag group of adventurers seeks to free the colony of Rekelar from the yoke of Ionia’s industrial oppression. They travel at great risk, protecting a secret delivery of newspapers that will uncover the truth. 

Learn more about the 2015 Time Travelers’ Ball HERE.


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