Airship Archon – Columbus, Ohio


The Airship Archon is a diverse group of entertainers, tinkerers, and business people hailing from the humble but worldly city of Columbus, Ohio. They continually strive to network and propagate their good name to far off cities as much as possible.


Frequently they host build days, meet ups, picnics, and dinners. In addition, they also travel to conventions and events near and far. The Archon is a close-knit group and like to keep their business practices and policies on the sly but are willing to teach you a few things on fashion, character creation, prop building, sewing and being thrifty.

2014 MWSP needs you 250x250Tony La GrangeCaptain Anthony LaGrange (pictured on the left) has led the crew since its conception in 2008. Their events can be found on their website or you can email the Captain at 


The Airship Archon is a member of the Midwest Steampunk Alliance and the Ohio Steampunk Society, and if you have an Airship or Steampunk Group in the Midwest, we urge you to join the Alliance.



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