Alien Species at the First Pandoracon

Today we take a look back at the conclusion of the very first Pandoracon and an innovative survey that was conducted by Gintia Peaseblossom, the Queen of Diamonds for 2012.

At Pandoracon 2012, Her Grace the Queen of Diamonds recorded the identities of as many members assigned to the House of Diamonds as possible. Since she was giving out cookies, various other vendors, panelists, and staff also desired to be written in the Rolls. Each person was invited to disclose the alien species behind their human disguise. They were provided a sheet that had approximately ten species listed from each of the following: Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and 5 from Harry Potter. Each was also told they could suggest their own. Tally marks were placed beside each species, so people could see what others had said. Here are the results, for your amusement.

Doctor Who Photo Shoot PC12 680

By the way, only certain Time-lords, a Dalek, and a Klingon were openly their disclosed species. The others were in disguise.

Of the 64 people surveyed, only 12 refused to disclose another species, generally maintaining that they were, in fact, human.

The top attending species:
10 Time-Lords
5 Elves
4 Weeping Angels
3 Silurians
3 Vulcans

16 other species had one or two members.

The write-in species were:
Weeping Angel (not on the list as Her Grace had hoped none would attend)

The top attendees, by franchise:
23 from Doctor Who
9 from Lord of the Rings
8 from Star Trek
4 from Star Wars
2 from Harry Potter
6 other (the last 6 write-ins)

Cheeky Dalek PC12 680

We are very much looking forward to seeing what aliens and creatures come out for the return of Pandoracon next year . . . we’re hoping for a few Shadow Run inspired creatures 🙂


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  • I remember there being at least one Klingon there – even if he showed up slightly late to the dance…

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