Airship Curiosity – Dayton, Ohio

Airship Curiosity

Airship Curiosity houses the main body of Calamity Labs, purveyors of all types of wondrous and amazing artifacts of around the world. The ship is helped maintained by several ghostly specters, the captain, Sir Phineas P. Phunderburg, has piloted this vessel since before his demise. The wonderful mad scientist, which by the way she doesn’t like that term at all, she finds it one-sided. Dr. Eudora Happenstance, keeps the airship afloat. With a constantly growing team of supernatural beings, the Curiosity is a wonderful place to just “hang”.

Airship Curiosity Crew

We are the airship dedicated to the Curiosities Exhibit at the Steampunk Empire Symposium.

Airship Curiosity CaptainCalamity Dawn leads Airship Curiosity. To learn more contact her at calamity.dawn@att.nett 

Airship Curiosity is a member of the Midwest Steampunk Alliance; if you have an Airship or Steampunk Group in the Midwest, we urge you to join the Alliance.



2014 MWSP needs you 250x250




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    […] Over four years ago, when Aloysius Fox announced he’d be throwing a little thing called the Steampunk Empire Symposium, I (who at the time had just barely been Steamborn as Calamity Dawn) suggested he hold some kind of artistic venue. Not a traditional art show, not quite a maker faire, but something almost like that. Aloysius is the one who coined the term “Curiosities Exhibit.” He asked if I knew anyone who could possibly put something like that together and I said yes! Well, not exactly. I did know someone, Capatain Kosagi of the Art Show in Millenicon, and she agreed to help out. As time to the first Symposium drew nearer it became more and more apparent that the good Cap’n, while able to assist, would not be able to run point. I looked around and realized, of a sudden, that it was I who ended up at the helm of what would become The Airship Curiosity! […]

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