Aetheric Adventures (continued)

CCA_logo_topIt’s been a busy month at the Circle City Aerodrome.  While the Clan of Tek doctors helped our boffins get  T/sgt Van Der Graffe  (Claude)  back on his feet after that bout of aetheric dust poisoning, the Boffin corps were hard-pressed to contain the drift of the aetheric dust from the wrecked airship near Batesville  (dimensional code: “Hoosier” time standard tau +/- 15  on the AO axis).  Around the clock vigilance and use of the Clan of Tek’s aetheric containment technologies helped them finally contain most of the dust just outside the small town.

PD1Unfortunately, the attempts to smuggle aetheric dust haven’t stopped with a single tragedy.  There seems to be an ever growing market for aetherically charged items – much of it detritus from another wrecked ship that wandered into the dust cloud not a week after the first wreck.

T/sgt Van Der Graffe led the first rescue attempts into that craft and made several discoveries that have had the boffins working yet longer hours to understand the full implications of aetheric energy and its presence outside of the Clan of Tek’s home dimension.

All told, the boffin teams removed over 50 specially shielded crates of artifacts and detritus form the wreck and had them shipped to the boffin corp labs in the Underdrome.


The most startling discovery was of a wounded creature that is most definitely *not* from the “Hoosier” dimension, nor the Clan of Tek’s dimension.  So far the Tek and Aerodrome scientific community are divided between those who feel the aetheric dust is actually causing native fauna to morph and those who theorize that the aetheric energy is actually causing dimensional rifts.

PD3In between aetheric conferencing with several leading theoretical scientists, Claude has been designing prosthetic wings for the creature the boffins have adopted and nicknamed “Gossamer.”

As a result of these finds, the Midwest Steampunk Alliance has called for an Aetheric Energy Technology Summit to be hosted at the Circle City Aerodrome. (Rumors abound that this may have been scheduled to coincide with the annual Hootenanny)

Attending delegations from the Clan of Tek, Corn Island, Airship Passapartout as well as several independently funded  scholars have led to Corn Island offering to host a Gadegetorium display and contest in the Embassy within the Aerodrome.

PD4 The keynote speaker will be Dr. Aurelia Tropezar who studies the physical, psychological, and sociological effects of interdimensional transit. She is a professor at a Batesville Polytechnical Academy and gained some renown when her latest paper on happiness in landship vs. airship pilots was published in the Combined Journal of Agricultural and Dimensional Sciences for Jasper County.

Meanwhile, Claude and Babbage continue to investigate the practical applications of aetheric energy for use in the Aerodrome.



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