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A card game

Card Aloysius Fox 070114Characters main attributes are Health and Wit.

Health based skills

Combat, Agility, and Piloting

Wit based skills

Learnedness, Charm, Inventiveness

Two types of challenge, Health and Wit.

When facing a challenge, use a handful of coins equal to main score plus skill score. For example 6 wit plus 4 Charm equals 10 coins. Shake the coins in your hand or a cup and drop on the table. Heads are positive outcomes and tails are negative. Based on the difficulty of the challenge, there is a number of positives (heads) that you need in order to beat the challenge.

For every unsuccessful attempt, the character loses a coin from the main score.

If either score reach zero, the character is out of the game.

Challenge Cards (A sticky situation) 

Item Cards (A Curious Item)

Location Card (What’s behind this door?)





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