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Thank you for your interest in advertising with The Pandora Society; it is our goal to form long term professional relationships with like-minded companies and aid their success through continued exposure to our ever growing audience. Over the course of 2015 The Pandora Society dot com averaged 834 page views per day with the peak day being 1,882 page views. We provide original content at least twice per day, and enjoy promoting products and services that our audience will appreciate.

The Pandora Society has evolved into an online”geek chic” magazine with several original articles per day for common interest communities such as steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, various other retro-futurisms, and nerd culture in general. Elements of the Past & Elements of the Future is our motto.

As part of our community building, The Pandora Society also organizes monthly and annual events that cater to steampunks, costumers, and science fiction & fantasy pop culture fans.

From reader surveys we have managed to deduce the following about our readers gender and age:

62.5% Female and 37.5% Male

Teens – 4.35% – 20’s – 20.29% – 30’s – 24.64% – 40’s – 27.54% – 50’s – 17.39% – 60+ – 5.8%

To promote your products and services to our audience we have our Sidebar Ads and our ad fees are based on the position and run time of the ad.

Our Sidebar Ads appear on every page within the site; there are ten spots. No matter what point of entry to the site, your ad will appear in the right hand column and when clicked upon will take the viewer to your website. The ad size is 250 x 250 pixels, and artwork needs to be 300+ dpi.

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Sidebar Ad size – 250 x 250 pixels

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Animated GIFs are an option


Depending on budget or the timeframe of your marketing campaign we can cater a contract to suit multiple needs.

Please CONTACT US to learn more from our sales team.


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