2014.07 Pandora Society LogoThe Pandora Society is a collective of Midwest odd balls and freaks under the misdirection of Aloysius Fox. We produce and promote monthly and yearly events that are mostly Steampunk inspired . . . but on occasion we have been known to take a step beyond.

Where did it all begin? Where is easy . . . Cincinnati, Ohio . . . it’s why and how that are more of a mystery.

Our origin story begins HERE.

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  • Dear Pandora Society,

    I was wondering if any of your members, such as the Steampunk Librarian, are interested in reviewing my upcoming steampunk fantasy novel Hopebreaker. I can provide a paperback or ebook copy. I am also available for interview.


    In the world of Altadas, there are no more human births. The Regime is replacing the unborn with demons, while the Resistance is trying to destroy a drug called Hope that the demons need to survive.

    Between these two warring factions lies Jacob, a man who profits from smuggling contraceptive amulets into the city of Blackout. He cares little about the Great Iron War, but a chance capture, and an even more accidental rescue, embroils him in a plot to starve the Regime from power.

    When Hope is an enemy, Jacob finds it harder than he thought to remain indifferent. When the Resistance opts to field its experimental landship, the Hopebreaker, the world may find that one victory does not win a war.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Kind regards,

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