A Winner for Dinner!

It is with much excitement that today we announce the winner of the “Dinner with the Stars” drawing. Pandoracon attendee Tara Andrus is the winner of two tickets to dinner with Jason Carter and Travis Richey!

The “Dinner with the Stars” night is part of our charity fund raising program, so if you didn’t win tickets in the draw but still want to share a meal with a Space Ranger and a Time Traveler watch out for our coming announcement about a limited number of dinner tickets going on sale soon.

ALSO, the drawings for prizes is FAR from over. In the weeks to come we shall be giving away prizes to lucky attendees who have pre-purchased tickets to Pandoracon.

The next draw is on Saturday, August 11th, 2012 for a chance to win a signed print of Billy Tackett’s Doctor Who painting that is the official poster of Pandoracon. All who have purchased their Pandoracon weekend tickets prior to midnight on Friday, August 10th, 2012 (and have not previously won a prize) will be entered into this drawing. Unlike the posters, flyers, and t-shirts, this high quality print is a reproduction of Billy’s original artwork without writing over the image.

Don’t delay! Buy your $30 pre-reg weekend tickets to Pandoracon by the end of next week and you could be the next winner!

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