A Timey-Whimey Steampunk Salon

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Saturday, December 6th, 2014 saw the last Cincinnati Steampunk Salon of the year and set in motion exciting plans for 2015. As with years before, the December Salon hosted a gift exchange in which several steampunks wrapped gifts and placed them under the gaudy silver tinsel tree; the guidelines are simple, bring one gift, take one gift. This month’s Salon, however, had something new . . .

Several weeks ago, the crew of the Airship Ashanti approached The Pandora Society to see if they could run a Doctor Who quiz team challenge during the Salon, a fan-TAST-ic idea, and a lot of fun to play. The Ashanti did a great job of compiling questions from both the new and classic series, provided prizes to the winning teams, and decorated the Salon in TARDIS colors and thematic accessories like a tray of “Adipose” marshmallows treats.

We also had a Holiday Charity drive organized by Sebastian to gather toiletries and donations for homeless shelters.

Over 80 people were in attendance for this month’s Salon, and several curious muggles came upstairs from the main bar below to explore the other side of the aether and stayed to dance once DJ Nymphoma began to spin his tunes and requests into the early hours of Sunday.

Salon Dec 2014

Following the success of Airship Ashanti’s management of the Salon theme, the Salons for 2015 have been opened up for different ladies and chaps to suggest and organize Salons. We are all exciting to see what ideas and activities people invent and create . . . already the Salons all the way through to June 2015 have been snapped up by members wanting to put together a good time for the rest of the attendees . . . we can look forward to things such as a Pirate Invasion, a Birthday Roast, Disney-esque Steampunk Princesses, and the Rocky Horror Melodrama Show. Visit our Facebook Events Listings to see the full line up of what we have planned for twenty-fifteen . . . we hope to see you at our shows.


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  • Does anyone have more pictures? I was hoping to see more pics of my Steampunk Klin-Santa outfit…or p[roof I was able to dance…

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