A powerful warrior from the future, trapped in a prehistoric land…

Welcome back Space Cadets!

You know, my mind and overall lifestyle has often been compared to that of a 12 year old boy . . . so this week’s feature holds a special place in my heart! It’s got cavemen, mummies, lasers, robots, spaceships and even people using pterodactyls as hang-gliders! It’s this kind of top-shelf class that makes being a sci-fi geek a true thing of beauty! It’s 1983’s YOR the Hunter from the Future starring Reb “the original TV Captain America” Brown and a bunch of nobodies, rubber animals and lousy hair pieces! And since the trailer on this one is woefully short (simply urging you on to actually seek this gem out for yourself) I’ve tacked on 2 fun sci-fi toy commercials this time!


The costumes worn by Overlord and his guards were left over from the film The Humanoid.

This film is listed among The 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made in Golden Raspberry Award founder John Wilson.

Slabe McLarge-Huge aka Reb Brown was also: a profesisonal boxer, a football player for USC,  a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy AND Captain America!  A renaissance man!

See you next week  kids!

2 Responses to “A powerful warrior from the future, trapped in a prehistoric land…

  • I really like all those “cheesy” “B” movies! Plus He Man!

    • Gotta love that “Man-E-Faces” kid….he’s giving me a run for my money in the ham-bone acting department. 🙂

      More choice selections from the cheese shoppe are coming in May!

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