A Pop Culture Magick Manual?? Yes, please

I’ve just had the pleasure of having just done a “first read through” of review copies of both Pop Culture Magick and Pop Culture Magic 2.0, both by Taylor Elwood.

pop-culture-magic-front-cover-webTaylor Elwood defines, explains, and provides exercises for a magical practice based on icons and modern mythology found in pop culture. There are references to comics, graphic novels, anime, science fiction, television series, role playing games, table top games, music, as well as kaballah, older grimoires, chaos magick, and more.

When I first heard the term pop culture magic(k), I was skeptical, but interested. My initial thought of pop culture as magick was that it might be very light. However, this book is refreshing with new approaches to PRACTICING pop culture magick. It is informational, and a workbook. It also has some very interesting thoughts on what pop culture is and how we currently, and can relate to it at a whole other level. Taylor shares personally and openly, and comes across authentically. Many of the pop cultural references are familiar, but also introduces some that I either didn’t know or were less familiar with. I’ll definitely be experimenting more with this approach, using these exercises.

Pop Culture Magick is available directly through Amazon.com Kindle or hard copy


Taylor Elwood

I find  Pop Culture 2.0  to be both a sequel, but also more so an update. At the same time, it is also a very stand alone book. Do you need to have read the original Pop Culture Magick to read this? Probably not. Does it help? I’d say I’d recommend both books, starting with the first if you are interested in this topic. Many times when an author updates or makes a follow up book, there tends to be much repeating of older material. Taylor minimizes that. He also observes changes and trends in popular culture, paganism, and magic since the first book. He also cites his sources well. 2.0 , or Two Point Oh, of the books (this one) seems to include more of a social element. All of the exercises in this book are new and unique , again, not repeats of Pop Culture Magick previous book. Again, extensive bibliography. Pop Culture Magic 2.0 is available through Immanion Press directly, or Amazon.com as well


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