a HUGE success!

Please forgive my tardiness on writing a post and updating this site, but this weekend, the inaugural Pandoracon was such a blast it’s taken me a few days to recover. In the days to come we will feature write ups from many of our staff and guests about what a great time they had at Cincinnati’s newest Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention . . . it was so much fun!

Check out the pictures that can be found from our two official photographers: Brian Kollig and David Blue. Plus there are a slew of Pandoracon images and videos buzzing around the web; if you weren’t there, you can certainly get a feel for the energy from these pictures.

As of yet, the exact date and location of Pandoracon 2013 has not been announced, but we can tell that the theme is “labyrinths” and mazes . . . hmmm, I wonder what mischievous fun we shall have with that one? 🙂

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