A fresh start for the new Supergirl on the block.

Poster-supergirl-2015-tv-series-38643475-680-1000We’ve had our hands full with different takes on the Superman mythos for years. Whether it be radio, television, film or comics there really isn’t much time to wait between adaptations of America’s favorite illegal alien. So I was more than a little excited to see the next big S on the living room screen was actually Clark’s younger/older cousin, Kara.

Outside of a rather interesting film there isn’t much the non-comic reading masses know about Supergirl. Kara is pretty much a blank slate that they can do anything with. Should we make her a hot headed hero right out of the box? Maybe she should be a boy shy introvert who just needs a cause to fight for? Or maybe we will make her someone who seemed better suited to be a misunderstood Disney princess who always seems ready to burst into a chorus of ‘Part of your world’? Kara is a little bit of all of them. She is a dork, like a major dork. She has that typical ‘pretty girl hiding behind glasses’ vibe we had from most teen films. But I feel like they took the blank slate a little too far. She seems to be defined more by the people around her. Either she just ‘wants to be normal’ as her sister says. Or she just wants to make a difference choosing to work at a multimedia company because it has a female owner that is self made and a power hungry tyrant. Or, there is the extremely sudden appearance of the side of her that wants to be like her cousin.

SUPERGIRL, is CBS's new action-adventure drama based on the DC COMICS' character Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist), Superman's cousin who, after 12 years of keeping her powers a secret on Earth, decides to finally embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.  Kara lives in National City assisting media mogul and fierce taskmaster Cat Grant, who just hired the Daily Planet's former photographer, James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), as her new art director.  However, Kara's days of keeping her talents a secret are over when the head of a super-secret agency where her foster sister also works, enlists her to help them protect the citizens of National City from sinister threats. SUPERGIRL will debut Monday, Oct. 26 8:30-9:30 PM, and will be broadcast in it's regular time Period, Mondays 8:00-9:00 PM starting Monday, Nov. 2.  Framegrab: © 2014 WBEI. All rights reserved.

From the exposition filled first episode we learn she hasn’t used her powers for quite awhile. They don’t specify what her role at her job is exactly, but from the generic orders being barked at her by the incredibly unlikable Cat Grant, she is instead choosing to be a wage slave at a company fetching coffee as she is clearly a secretary of the head editor. But in a twist of fate as her adopted sister’s life is endangered, she becomes a hero, because in her entire time in National City, she has not once witnessed a single dangerous event that would cause her to try and save someone’s life with her incredibly abilities. So, with a newfound zest for life saving she tries to follow in her cousin’s (Whom she seems to have no contact with) footsteps.

supergirlLuckily for her this is all in time for Jimmy Olsen to come into her life as a painfully obvious romantic interest. She even does the whole love struck teenager thing, giggling and tripping over herself as she leaves the room at just meeting him. Now Jimmy is certainly an interesting character. He is smooth, charismatic, older, very knowing and established. Essentially, he is nothing like the Jimmy we know. But this is supposed to be a world where Superman is well established for years and Jimmy has been his best buddy for awhile. So I imagine what we are seeing is Jimmy all grown up and finally the man we kept seeing him being hinted at being. Also Jimmy is here in National City to keep an eye on Kara, help her be the hero Clark wants her to be.

So we have our good guys all in a row, but what is a super hero show without bad guys? And this is where we run into my biggest disappointment. In a very shortly described manner, Kara’s ship brought with it an entire super villain prison with it. All the worst criminals on and near Krypton were there and it landed on earth, spilling all those evil aliens across earth. So we already know what we’re in for at this rate. Supergirl is looking like a monster of the week show with one random alien bad guy with new powers, mixed in with Kryptonian bad guys to keep things interesting. But all in all I enjoyed it. A few name drops here and there and some new takes on old familiar faces peppered in for flavor.

Even if you’re a long time comic reader like me I think there is something in Supergirl for all of us. It has some popcorn appeal with the fights and just enough character to make you want to see it to the end of the episode.


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